Attended to the London Tattoo Convention 2019
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
3rd Place ( best large color tattoo)
Hildesheim Tattoo convention 2018 ( Germany )
2nd place ( Best Color Tattoo ) 2nd Place ( Best Black and Gray Tattoo)
Erfurt Tattoo Convention 2018 ( Germany )
3rd Place ( Best Color Tattoo )
Moscow Tattoo Week 2018
1st Place ( Best Tattoo of the Day )
Golden State Tattoo Expo 2019 ( California)
- 1st Place ( Best Tattoo of the day )
Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention 2019
1st Place ( Medium Color ) 3rd Place ( Tattoo of the Day Color )
Hell city Tattoo Festival 2019 Ohio
1st Place ( Best Large Color ) 1st Place ( Best portrait )
27th Annual Colorado Tattoo competition 2019
2nd Place ( Best Asian Tattoo )
Portrait is the main genre of the artist. It is hard to imagine how many human faces exist on earth and how many pass through the filter of your eyes.A portrait never stops in development, we change from the day we were born until we die, just like graffiti on the walls of the streets disappears and reappears again , making the same city come to life . And for the veracity of graffiti heritage he tags his name on each skin piece.
born > 06-12-1991 based > New York,USA style > realism
A tattoo artist since 2011. Has been inspired by the 80-90s era of NYC which leads him to transferring graffiti from the walls of the streets to people's faces.
MOVIES: RWB Time Lapse Painting ONYX 4 LIFE 2021 Catch the Vibes of NYC “ Don’t Sweat “ for WE ARE WET PAINT ATL. Extraction of the Stone of Madness
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Mashkow Tattoo

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